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Delivery Guy Steals Customers Food; Viral Video Shocks The Internet


Food delivery has become quite common in the post-pandemic era. Just a few clicks and taps on your device and the food of your choice is ordered, prepared, and delivered to your doorstep. The comfort and ease of ordering food online, however, do come with a few drawbacks as well. In the recent past, we have seen how delivery guys often nick food from the orders that they are supposed to deliver. A recent video showed how a delivery guy said to be from Uber Eats was caught stealing a customer's food and that too by using his bare hands. Take a look:


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The video was shared on YouTube by Garden State Mix, where it received over 185k views and counting. In the clip, we could see the delivery driver was sitting on the side curb of the road. His bike is parked on his side. One by one, he opens up the food packages and starts taking generous portions of food and putting them into his own tiffin box.

"How will they not notice," read the shocking caption in the video. The delivery guy took noodles, some fried snacks, and even some quantity of the soup. Once he was done taking the food, he resealed the bag with the help of a stapler. "Not his first time," read the caption. The fact that he was using his hands made the situation even worse.

YouTube users were shocked to see the delivery guy openly stealing food from his customer. "For every 1 you see, there are hundreds you don't," commented one user while another said, "Dude he's probably hungry it's not good." Several others also share their shocked reactions to the video.

What was your reaction to the video? Tell us in the comments below.

About Aditi AhujaAditi loves talking to and meeting like-minded foodies (especially the kind who like veg momos). Plus points if you get her bad jokes and sitcom references, or if you recommend a new place to eat at.

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August 17, 2021, 1:56 am

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