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Exclusive! Sonal Chauhan’s three-point plan to mental peace. Want to try it? | Hindi Movie News


Sonal Chauhan has a bunch of social media posts that talk about what people probably want the most - mental peace. Her beautiful pictures carry a message to stay motivated and strong in these times. We spoke to her to ask how she achieves this. Says the Bollywood actress: “How I start my day sets the mood for the entire day so for me the beginning of my day is extremely important. I try to keep it as positive and as healthy as I can I believe your body and mind listen to you. You must tune or train your mind to find the positivity around.”
‘I start my day with prayer and then do some exercise’

Sonal shares her plan. “I start my day with first with a little prayer and with gratitude where I am happy to wake up to another beautiful day. I think very little importance is given to the connection between physical activity and positivity, but I feel that they are directly connected. So, I always do some kind of physical activity, whether it’s cycling or yoga or even a short run or going up and down the stairs. I also have a healthy juice,” she says.

‘I have been working on getting rid of the ego over the last few years’
Her Instagram posts are always so full of serenity and motivation, what is her secret to that, we ask? She reveals, “My secret to mental peace and happiness has three points. One, would be to get rid of the ego. That is something I have been working on over the last couple of years and I think that it is something that has helped me a great deal. I feel when you can’t look beyond yourself you will never find any peace and happiness. The second thing is kindness and being able to help people. I find that this is something that’s very underrated. The third, is to just sit quietly and watch my thoughts and allow the beauty of that to take over. I’m happy to stay home and enjoy my time.”

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August 21, 2021, 10:12 am

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