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FAKE ALERT: Proposed model of Ukrainian overpass shared as upcoming project in Ahmedabad


Photo of what appears to be an artist’s impression of an overpass is in circulation with the claim that it shows the design of Vaishnodevi circle in Ahmedabad.

Among those sharing the picture is Municipal Councillor of Sabarmati ward in Ahmedabad, Chetan Patel.

It is at least a 10 year old photo and shows the proposed design of a Ukrainian overpass. It has got nothing to do with Ahmedabad or India.
Using reverse-image search via Yandex search engine, we found several Ukrainian and Russian websites carrying the image.
A Russian blogger published the image in one of his posts in December 2010. It identified the project as an interchange in Ukrainian city Kiev at the Shulyavskaya metro station.
Another Ukrainian website called ‘ Autocentre’ published the image on October 6, 2011 identifying it as the design of an upcoming overpass in Shulyavsky area of Kiev.

Further, on looking up the photos of Vaishnodevi circle in Ahmedabad, we found it looked nothing like the Ukrainian overpass design.

A Times of India report dated May 27, 2021 mentioned about construction of the Vaishnodevi bridge.

Times Fact Check has found that photo of a Ukrainian overpass design is being falsely passed off as a model of Vaishnodevi flyover in Ahmedabad.

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August 18, 2021, 1:50 pm

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