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Maverick designers elevating men’s fashion


Visionaries keep creating superior benchmarks in the men’s world of fashion from time to time, but some fashion houses have changed the game completely this season. When we talk about men’s fashion, there are a few fashion giants dominating a big chunk of the market with either their signature fluid-finishing in tailored suits or going gigantic with their gothic groove in high-end ready-to-wear, while some others are bringing the neon funk back from the fashion wave of the 60s.
This season – from the European menswear collection to what the New York Fashion Week has in store – is most definitely getting big, hovering proclamations and some good-old roundups of what men want. Looking dapper while “cleaning up” good in stylish jackets or unfolding the wings of vibrancy, to suit up or not to suit up is the common question going around in the post-pandemic world.

Virgil Abloh

This time, as people are setting some new ground rules, we give you a sneak-peek into a few out of the many remarkably good brands being listed out there for exceptional men’s wear. Virgil Abloh’s recent drop for Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 collection in Seoul shifted configurations through BTS members, re-appropriating the normal to extreme elevation in constructing a new meaning for men’s fashion. The entire collection defied society’s conformist-culture structure of outsiders versus insiders. Metallic bags, greens and greys enhancing basic browns of the brand, multiple hues flashing from underneath, embossed monograms that change the predetermined perceptions of dress codes – all of this requires an experienced eye for fashion. Abloh has taken this collection to a striking new level by igniting a visual conversation of creativity.

Hedi Slimane

In the south of France on the Mediterranean Sea at the grand Gaou island, Hedi Slimane unleashed an alluring onslaught of unbarred provocation. Celine’s 2022 Summer collection showcased freestyle motocross riders getting applauded by celebrities and fashion icons. Among those present was Lady Gaga – known to throw major fashion revolutions throughout her tenure, now all geared up for her upcoming biopic on the fashion house Gucci; Natalie Portman – her femininity being the brand icon for Dior, this beauty sure knows how to “beast it” all over her marvellous performances in films; and, Amy Adams – another impassioned cheerleader with a remarkable eye for artistry and creativity. Celine Homme gave away their Cosmic Cruiser line at the event, and the euphoria of Hedi Slimane setting up major “comfort and craze” goals through their relentlessly created dreamy-cosmic vibe making Pro V, Alpinestars, Josse Sallefranque from Team Honda SR, and Gilles and Jimmy from FMX4EVER their ultimate runway walkers with a rocksolid bikers’ vibe.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens does need no introduction. With dropping the new collaboration Converse X Drkshdw Turbodrk on the 27th of July worldwide, and the unveiling of Tyrone fw21 Gethsemane collection, the brand’s identity has come a full circle as it reclaims its own cult fashion repute. His gothic, power-packed silhouettes and high-end accessories have taken the sneakers’ debut with Converse in both high and low variants. This collab sees the designer exploring his dark, underground aesthetic with a quirky twist of his own identity.

Mike Amiri

From handcrafting stage pieces to becoming the first choice of hard rock artists such as Axl Rose and Steven Tyler, his rock and roll aesthetics have merged into another dimensional executive touch this time. Mike Amiri, originally Persian by blood, an American fashion designer of Iranian descent has taken a bow, his new muse being none other than ‘The Weeknd’ flaunting an urban & cool vibe, wearing Amiri’s tailor-made jacket and turtleneck for GQ Global’s new cover. Amiri has lately been busy with the grand openings of 3 more flagship stores all geared up to give “the arena of men’s wear” a sharper execution by moving forward towards clean-cut clothing, and adding a distinct edge and twist to his usual line of apparels.

Trailblazers of men’s fashion

Virtual fashion parades are taking a break at last with the upcoming fashion weeks getting on the real-life runways all around the world. Vogue’s September issue has given 27 new designers a stunning profile: Bella Hadid has been flaunting a Dhruv Kapoor outfit giving major goals in India to netizens. This Delhi-based designer is all up for creating bolder mixes that are captured through his graphic-designed shirts and other ready-to-wear. It seems like menswear brands are offering a wider range with upscaled sustainability plans to meet new trendsetting standards. Many looks would be doing the rounds but only a few create that cult status through the years by topping iconic styles to break the norms. Be it cult fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier throwing a big wave in the 80s through his race-equalised notorious blends, or Yohji Yamamoto dropping unfussy, unstructured floats in his Spring Summer ‘85 Pour Homme collection. There’s another era this time around offering a vast selection of lookbooks and runway presentations to pick from providing several, experimental choices.

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August 15, 2021, 10:38 am

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