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Mumbai Police performs a rendition of the iconic song ‘Bella Ciao’ as Money Heist releases today


Mumbai Police recently released a video of themselves performing the iconic El Profesor’s 'Bella Ciao' as the final season of Money Heist premiered today.
Looks like the entire world is celebrating the arrival of the final and the final season of the hit Spanish show ‘Money Heist’. Speaking of which, Mumbai Police too dropped a video in which their band ‘Khaki Studio’ performed a rendition of the famous song Bella Ciao.

The Mumbai Police took to their social media handle to share the video and also added a quirky note which read, Always trying not to miss out on detections nor on trends & tractions...We'll be here,never letting the season of safety end, while you race against time to finish this one...#KhakiStudio planning to pull a #heist on your heart one more time with #BellaCiao #ForSafety #Rehearsals

The Spanish web show aired its first season back in 2017, which instantly became a major hit globally along with having a massive Indian audience. After almost one and a half year, the makers released the finale season.

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September 3, 2021, 4:08 pm

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