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NEET Planner to Crack NEET-UG 2021 in 30 Days!

India has cultivated some of the best doctors. Needless to say, that India follows one of the most challenging medical practices in the world!

As the NEET-UG countdown is coming closer to an end, the anticipation of students to be in the elite group increases yet again.

For the NEET exam, the educators map the preparation strategy vividly, but for the most crucial, last month, there still lies conflicts between the dos and don’ts.

As the date to the final sitting comes closer, “Can I Crack NEET exam with final preparation of 30 days?” becomes the most frequently asked question on the cloud. As a matter of fact, a student’s brain works most efficiently under pressure- So, yes! It is possible to crack NEET by preparing in just 30 days with the help of intelligent planning and efficient reference books! Here we are sharing the planner that would help you prepare for NEET strategically.


NEET has a slight change in the exam pattern this year. There will be 200 questions in the exam (Section A with compulsory 35 questions and Section B with 15 questions in each subject – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology), however students need to attempt only 180 questions. Here, in section B, students have to attempt only 10 questions in each of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Do not try to attempt extra questions as it will be penalised. Hence, while revising you must practice the new exam pattern question papers, filling the new pattern OMR sheet. Here, MTG’s newly released book 10 Sample Papers for NEET UG 21 Latest Pattern is a must do.


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To start a new subject, do not leave the challenging topics for the last. In fact, before starting a new topic, give at least 20 minutes to memorize the concepts of the tough topics. Doing this will enhance your ability to tackle difficult questions. You may take help from Chapter-wise, topic-wise, thirty-three years NEET solutions to solve as many questions of the complex topics as possible. This book covers 33 years NEET/AIPMT questions with detailed solutions. The unmatched feature of the MTG 33 years NEET Papers is that it comes with Free online version. You can practice all chapters’ questions online. You can even create numerous custom tests to practice further.

Buy MTG 33 Years NEET Chapter wise Topic wise Previous Year Papershttps://bit.ly/3g1mwq1



Device a strategic plan. Give at least eight days to each subject for learning as well as revising. Learning and revising will take up to 24 days of the month. Now, for the rest of the days, solve mock test papers and realize your weak topics and work on them. To ensure no crucial points are left unrevised, you can take help from MTG’s Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips. The book contains topic wise MCQs extracted from each line of the NCERT by the experts providing you with the benefit of not missing even a single point from the NCERT books.

Buy NCERT Fingertips Physics, Chemistry, Biologyhttps://bit.ly/2VMK2Qn



Don’t skip revisions! Before moving on to the new topics, make sure to revise the previous ones. This way, you will be able to keep all the concepts clear. For the revision of every single detail of NCERT, Objective NCERT at your Fingertips is the best-suggested book. This book contains essential MCQs extracted from each line of NCERT, which makes it a perfect fit for thorough revisions.


Biology is the easiest part for most NEET aspirants, Chemistry is good, but Physics becomes the hardest! This biased favouritism can affect your preparation enthusiasm. First, start preparing for Chemistry, then prepare Physics, and start wrapping up with the biology syllabus. Preparing Chemistry in the beginning will help you to have a good start, and Physics in the middle will boost your confidence to move forward as Biology revision is still waiting, while Biology, at last, will help keep your spirits high as it is considered easy. NEET 30 Days Crash Course Planner can ensure you cover complete syllabus and have proper revision in 30 days.

Buy MTG’s NEET Crash Course Physics, Chemistry, Biologyhttps://bit.ly/3CDJUDT


Challenge your knowledge and review your weak points.

The eagle-like eyes of the Invigilator, the time ticking suspense, and the silence in the exam hall describe how actually is the exam environment! Prepare yourself to not panic in the exam environment on the day of final sitting—practice as many questions as you can from NEET Champion series and full-length test papers from 10 Sample Paper for NEET UG 21 – Latest Pattern thoroughly in an environment similar to the exam hall to ensure confident sitting for the final three hours of the exam.


Buy NEET Practice Set Papers with NEET Championhttps://bit.ly/2VVj0Xn


You might face nerve-wracking stress in the coming month due to exam preparation. However, you need to make sure this stress doesn’t take a toll on your health! Stay hydrated, eat nutritious meals at small intervals and meditate!


For a month, stay away from all the distracting elements. Get inside your shell and build up a positive wall around you. Turn a deaf ear against all the negative talks of the world. There’s only one month left for you to accomplish an elite seat in NEET 2021. Ensure the assistance of MTG’s NEET Guide series and make the most out of it to give your best in the exams.


Buy NEET Guide – Best Physics, Chemistry, Biology Books for NEET Preparationhttps://bit.ly/3iHxuTx

Team MTG wishing you all the best for your NEET exam.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd (MTG Books)

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