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Network Solution

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Network Solution

Network Security

We have a very proficient and certified team who are experts in providing network solutions & security customized for your purpose. We will provide the following and manage services for you to achieve your Server and Network Security goals.

  • Server Port Monitoring, Server Resources Monitoring
  • 24x7 Monitoring, Notification and Response, Remote Reboot, OS Reload
  • Security and Threat Alerts
  • Dedicated Technical Manager
  • Software Firewall Management
  • Server Anti-Virus Protection, Trojan, Anti-Spyware Protection
  • Control Panel Installation Support
  • Software Installation and Configuration, Database Installation and Support
  • Patch Updates
  • Website/FTP Services Set Up
  • 24/7/365 Remote Support/Telephone Support/Ticket Based Support
  • On Demand Server Security Health & Assessment, OS Hardening
  • Load Balancer Management
  • Online Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Dedicated IT Support

We provide “Ongoing” as well as “Need-based” Remote IT Support services to businesses in world in various time zone.

A Dedicated IT Support is crucial to maintaining efficiency and productivity of your business. No matter how big or small your computer network is, having the right IT partner will make all the difference. With the right IT partner, you can not only stop worrying about IT service issues and focus on core of your business, but also leverage the latest in technology to help it grow further.

Our team at CoderKeys is well versed with managing broad spectrum of networks for various businesses. We have developed best practices across each industry, and leverage it to reduce downtime thereby improving your business bottom line.

It is as if having your own in-house IT Support Department

Our custom Managed IT service solutions fully integrate with your company infrastructure so its just like having your own in-house IT services. Here are some key factors that sets us apart, and we mean “WAY APART”

24X7 Help Desk Support

Most companies claim 24X7 but we truly have a full coverage and not by a call center but by Microsoft Certified Professionals and our help desk system truly integrates with your infrastructure

Comprehensive Real-Time Network Monitoring

Helps identify and resolve your computer support issues, even before you call us to report them. Our customers think its magic!

Backup Solutions –

IntEthic recognizes the fact that your data is critical. We provide both local and Cloud based backup solutions that will protect your business from data losses that are automated, totally secure, and extremely reliable

Knowledge-Base Built or You

Certified network engineers build a comprehensive knowledgebase of your IT infrastructure that you can use for your long term IT needs

Fraction of the Cost

All these benefits at a fraction of cost that you will truly be surprised with. But low cost doesn’t mean at expense of quality. It all comes with same professional expertise with over a decade long experience.

Setting Up New Office

We provide end to end IT service whether you are looking to set up a new office or move an existing one to Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland area.

As a business owner, it is always exciting when you venture out to establish your offices or moving to a new location. However along with this comes zillions other things you need to go through to get it all together and working. With our experience in installing and providing IT solutions and services across several industries, we can help ease some pain. Majority of our competitors provide only very specific portion of the IT solution which then just leaves you to find alternate vendors for remaining and thereby doubling the hassle.

Even worse, you might not get a holistic view of what you really need to get your office setup and running.

We provide you with a “comprehensive and complete view of the IT solutions” you need for your business. With our approach, you get an integrated view of all that is needed. And this doesn’t mean that you would pay a much higher cost for reduced hassle. Our offerings are still competitive and we guarantee it!

Contact us today to get a comprehensive view of IT solutions for setting up your new office

Here is a quick highlight of IT services we offer for setting up or moving new office locations –

  • Comprehensive assessment of your business needs
  • Comparison of your setup plan against how others set up their IT infrastructure and solutions within your industry
  • Help with finding the right vendors for softwares based on your industry
  • Onsite or a Cloud based Network setup

We don’t just provide an IT setup service but also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your office keeps running smooth for years to come. View here for more information on our ongoing maintenance.

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