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Taliban spokesman promise a secure Afghanistan


NEW DELHI: Taliban on Tuesday held its first press interaction since its sweeping takeover of Afghanistan and said they have "emancipated" the nation from foreigners after 20 years of struggle.
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group seeks no revenge from anyone and that "everyone is forgiven."
Many Afghans have expressed fear that the Taliban will return the country the brutal rule they used when last in charge, and foreign officials have said they will wait to see if the insurgents make good on their promises.
Mujahid also assured that Afghanistan's soil will never be used for terrorist activities against any other country.
Addressing a key concern for many Afghans and foreigners alike, Mujahid said that women's rights will be honored under Islamic law.
When they last held power, the Taliban severely restricted women's lives.
He said that interactions with other countries will continue and offered assurances to the United Nations that it can continue to pursue humanitarian work in the country.
The Taliban spokesman also said that private media can continue to operate in the country in a free and independent manner.
(With inputs from agencies)

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August 17, 2021, 3:28 pm

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