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The diet Shamita Shetty made popular in Bigg Boss! Do you need to follow it?


"Gluten is a protein found in the grains such as wheat, barley and rye. It is present in different types of breads, phulka/chapathi, pasta,cakes, biscuits, rye, barley, soup base, beer, candy, etc.," explains Ms. Edwina Raj, Senior Dietician, Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru. According to her, many individuals omit gluten completely without understanding the right substitute for wheat from a Nutritionist depending on their present condition and end up aggravating their health concerns.

However, she recommends a thorough screening from a gastroenterologist to check for gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, severe flatulence or by seeking dermatologist’s advice will enable a Nutritionist to understand the need for gluten free diet.

Elaborating further, Dr Shalini Garwin Bliss, HOD- Dietitian, Manipal Hospital, Gurugram says that a gluten-free diet is usually followed by those who are gluten-intolerant or people diagnosed with celiac disease mainly to manage its symptoms.

As per the doctor, a gluten free diet is designed for celiac disease only because, in celiac disease the patient is allergic to the gluten products. However, even in the case of patients with ulcerative colitis, if symptoms do not ease, then it is advised to prevent the gluten product to manage the condition, but it is only for a short duration, she advises further.

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November 15, 2021, 4:14 pm

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